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Samsung 32 inch LED D4003BW


Owning a cutting-edge LED TV doesn’t always have to be a luxury. The Samsung LED TV 4003BW delivers the highest in picture quality, design and performance all at an affordable price. Without even turning on the TV you’ll be intrigued by it’s hand-crafted feel and detailed features.

Samsung’s ‘LED TV’s’ combine LCD screens with LED edge-lights

Price: €219.00

Samsung 40 inch LED Full HD D5000


The Samsung UE40C5100 is a 40 inch full HD display with LED technology that gives it a razor sharp look both literally and metaphorically.




It does not come with a bloated amount of extra features and as such is a great choice for anyone who wants a TV that performs precisely as you would expect and has an appropriately pocket-friendly price.

Price: €350.00

Samsung 48inch TV


48" Full HD LED TV
Enjoy a greater level of home entertainment realism than ever before. Thanks to a resolution twice as high as standard HD TVs, your Samsung FHD TV delivers a breathtaking viewing experience that takes you beyond the screen into a world of total immersion.
When you’ve seen the rich and vivid texture of Full HD images, your favourite TV programs and movies will never be the same again. Discover reality with a full high definition experience.
With Football Mode, it’s like you’re actually at the match. It sharply and vividly brings out the green grass of the pitch and all the other colours of the stadium. A powerful multi-surround sound effect also lets you hear all of the excitement. You can even zoom in to selected areas of the screen for a better view. With just a push of a button you can make the most of your favourite sport with all your friends.
With ConnectShare Movie, simply plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. Now, you can experience a wide variety of content in the comfort of your living room on your TV.








Price: €499.00