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  Bars & Restaurants in Tenerife

If you run a bar or a restaurant, you know that one of the most challenging hurdles you face is to get new and repeat business. Promoting and marketing this unique area of the commercial market needs to be done in an informal but professional way if you want to enhance your income and stand out from the crowd.

There are millions of sports fans living on and visiting our island. They are all ages, genders and from a multitude of backgrounds. They want a place that feels like home where they can be comfortable rooting for their favourite team or sport. This is where you can succeed - but setting your establishment apart from the ‘dime a dozen’ others is crucial. SO, WHERE DO YOU START?

Premier Communications have been in exactly your position. You may think of us as a TV distribution company but just like you, we started life owning and running restaurants and bars. We did this successfully for 15 years before diversifying. TherePremier Communications for bars and restaurants is nothing you can tell us that we haven’t experienced or won´t understand. So when it comes to getting your customers to return time after time it makes sense to not only use a specialist with the latest products but also someone with insider knowledge of YOUR industry, someone who has been there, done that and knows what will work best for you.

Premier Communications have a team capable of installing any grade of Satellite TV and equipment into your restaurant or bar. For a competitive quote tell us what your intentions are and how the equipment will be used or if you are not sure, we can visit your premises and provide you with detailed information for the exact type of equipment and best options for your company.

As a Premier Communications client, we are happy to hold your hand through the whole discussion and installation process or if you know exactly what you want we will step back and provide whatever you require - the choice is yours, we will always respect your wishes and never put you under pressure. However, because we speak your language we know your business is your livelihood so you can be assured of top priority service at all times.

Whatever business type you have and no matter where you are located, whether in Tenerife, one of the other Canary Islands or mainland Europe our team will be happy to get your installation moving as quickly as possible, providing the perfect viewing solution, the best quality equipment and of course, the best possible price.

For full details please speak with a member of our team on +34 922 793172 or Contact us HERE