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It is not always easy to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, especially when you're on the move that is where Premier Communications comes in as they now offer MiFi.

Premier Communications MiFiMiFi is still relatively new, being introduced in America in 2009 and to many little is known about the advantages it can give to its users.

Basically, MiFi is a name for wireless routers that allows you to connect your Smartphone, tablet or other Wi-Fi device to a network giving you constant internet. You are also able to share this internet connection with up to five other devices.

Using a MiFi is easy. It will automatically connect to an available network then just hook up your phone, tablet etc. to start using the internet as you would at home

A MiFi fits in your pocket. It weighs less than 100g and allows you to create your own secure Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you need it in cars, trains, planes - anywhere there is cellular 3G network coverage. Unlike connecting to a network in an internet cafe or bar you don’t need to pay or buy a drink or meal to get someone else’s network password. You have your own personal mobile Wi-Fi connection that you know is secure.

Premier Communications MiFi is available on Direct Debit and you only pay for what you use. If you purchase 5gb and only used 3gb contact Premier and tell them your MiFi is ‘going to sleep for a while’. When you next visit anywhere in the Canary Islands, the Balearics or mainland Spain let the office know and they will re-activate your MiFi and you can continue using what is left of your original purchase and this will continue to top us until you decide you need another break. This is the ideal way for anyone who is on the move, but does not want to pay for something when it is not being constantly used.

Intrested in MIFI, ask us for more information here.