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Premier Communications is a global telecommunications and media company with offices in Tenerife and mainland Spain. We offer a portfolio of operations that includes a full suite of advanced digital televisions, internet services and mobile phones.

We have been established in Tenerife for over 25 years, firstly working within the commercial sector with bars and restaurants. In 2004, following the demand from bars to provide live coverage on all major sporting events we founded the British television distribution division of the company. The quality of this product quickly attracted the residential market and within a short period we had over 3,500 customers. Today, due to the excellent, straightforward and uncomplicated service we provide, customers in both sectors have continued to grow along with our expertise in all aspects of this area. This means we are the number one provider in Tenerife creating tailor-made solutions to fit your requirements whatever they may be.

Premier Communications not only offer HD televisions, Smart phones and internet services to thousands of households and businesses in the Canary Islands and Europe, we also make it possible for customers as far afield as Canada, Australia and Brazil to have an easy way to watch British TV by offering them tomorrows technology, today.

In Tenerife, Premier Communications work with MasMovil®, a leading provider of mobile services whose reputation has rapidly grown throughout the Spanish region. With the cheapest calls and internet data bundles available on the market today, our clients benefit from the rewards offered by MasMovil®.

Whatever service we provide for our clients, we pride ourselves on a high-end service at very competitive prices.

For more information please speak with a member of our team on +34 922 793172 or Contact us HERE